I know I’m a little late, but it’s been a busy week at work and I’m still recovering from the tailgate. We’ve gone in a different direction this year with awards that are formatted like a school yearbook. Why? Why not!

2014 Badger Tailgate Award Winners

photo of Dax Bakken of the Village People

Dax Bakken of the Village People

People most likely to be invited by next year because they’re just plain fun?

Jim Uhalt, Billy Vorlander, Jim Pertzborn, Shannon McDonough and the kickball team, Blaine Tessman and his wife, Adam Essaying, Brad Montgomery (thanks for the awesome donuts!), Molly Berkholtz (and friend), Ann Droege, Sarah, Jen Jones, Chelsea Kay, Nicci Fite (Yes, bushes are bathrooms), Lori Atkins, Michelle Parker, Marcus Julian, Carrie Julian (and friends), Brett Bauch and Sam. THANK YOU!

Item most likely to be seen at future tailgates?

Michael Berkholtz’s faux sheepskin vest – What can you say, this was a lot of fun. Seems like everyone got a turn wearing it.

Person most likely to buy her own fur vest?

Mary Jacobson – Mary was new this year, but obviously brought her “A” game. Always smiling and a lot of rubbing for whomever was wearing the vest. I think we need a few more ladies like Mary.

People most likely to start a 2nd tailgate?

TC and Andy Zimpel – Thanks for all your help getting the spots (1st ones to arrive), for all your help setting up, for the brats, the food, etc. Basically, no reason that it isn’t called Andy, TC and Dane’s Tailgate. These guys have earned it!

Person most likely to be recruited by DirecTV?

Chuck Sutton (things didn’t work out, but did anyone care?)

Person most likely to take over for me as the DJ?

Tricia Jevne – One great song after another. Nice work Tricia!

– Least likely person to take over for me as DJ? The guy that asked for the Old Crow Medicine Show. Different and not really tailgate appropriate here in Wisconsin.

Person most likely to start her own fast food restaurant?

Jody Medeke who again brought McDonald’s cheeseburgers and McNuggets for our dining pleasure. Yeah, we’re McLovin’ it!

Person most likely to become a spokesperson for Fireball Whiskey?

Britni Steinberg (have you ever seen her without a bottle of Fireball in her hands?)

Person most likely to receive a hand delivered invitation next year?

Lori Schroeder Connor – So as not to embarrass Lori too much I’ll just say: attractive, invites friends, smiles a lot… all good.

People I’m most likely to give a ride to next year’s tailgate?

Leonard and Jackie Wilson (I missed those pudding shots guys!)

Family most likely to be contacted by social services for tailgate and alcohol related issues?

A tie between Kelly Bakken and her family (picking up the slack for Dax) and Kelly Steinberg and her family (Brady, Britni and Gabby). My family (Derek, Arianna and her friends) was close, but with Ari as the DD we just couldn’t pull it off.

And the BIG Winners

Person most likely to have “dedicated” etched on her tombstone, the person least likely to take her phone into a port potty and for the best line of the tailgate: 

Lydia Khan! She gets the nod for dedication for driving 5 hours on her 12th wedding anniversary to be at the tailgate. The porta potty… dropped her phone in (yes, into THAT part of the porta potty so bye-bye iPhone) and for the best line… Asking about a case price on Rum Chata at Regent Liquor.

Group most likely to be contacted by the UW Ticket Office to attend the game in Texas (see below for more info on the 2015 Badger Tailgate), Group most likely to be contacted FIRST by me to attend the next tailgate and the Group most likely to be recruited for the next Twilight movie:

Shelly McFadden, Marcia Secor, Erica Boehlke, Kate Baldukas, Anita Crim, Linda Treninen, Jenefer Burchette, Debra Horrigmo-Cook! Thank you for bringing the “Team Dane” shirts and for showing up year after year. No excuses, no drama, just fun. THANK YOU!

Tailgate 2015

We’re not sure that the Badger game on Sep 5, 2015 vs Alabama @ ATT Stadium in Dallas is the only tailgate. It would seem like we should be doing another game here in Madison as well as not everyone is obviously going to travel to TX. That said, which game do you like?