You’re Welcome!

It’s been a learning experience and a lot of fun to say the least. Below are links to all of our “Edition 01” podcasts and a short review of the process.

Review of the Podcast Creation Process


Like I said, it’s been a lot of fun. Hard to believe that we were able to generate so much content from an unscripted, impromptu, get together with a friend and a couple of beers. #winning


The amount of time it took to develop the initial design of the podcast, the time to review the raw video footage and then edit the footage into something that makes sense and is hopefully entertaining.


Well, by the end of the night it appears that we’re laughing at nothing. Sure, we believe we’re the funniest guys around, but did you see us laughing? Were we really that funny? Yeah, I’m not sure either.

There is more to the story that I can write here, but feel free to ask sometime. You won’t be sorry.