BW3 Restaurant

BW3 Restaurant

*** Updated: Mon, Mar 28, 2016 @ 10:21 am ***

This could have been one hell of a Saturday had the Badgers kept things rolling. Tough loss to Notre Dame. Really difficult to see them melt down with less than 30 seconds left in the game. Fortunately, it didn’t come down to the last sequence. The Badgers left a lot of points on the table in the first half and an uncharacteristic 17 turnovers didn’t help either.

Oh well, they return a loaded lineup which will be a year older, wiser and more experienced. One heck of a run for Bucky and I’m sure everyone is optimistic for next year.

For now, let’s celebrate the 4 teams that have advanced to NRG Stadium in Houston to play on Saturday night.

  • (2) Villanova Wildcats vs. (2) Oklahoma Sooners @ 5:09 pm.
  • (10) Syracuse Orange vs. (1) North Carolina Tar Heels

Editor’s Prediction: My crystal ball is on backorder so these picks are not 100% reliable, but I like Villanova and N.C. to win on Saturday and Villanova to cut down the nets the following Monday.

Quick side note: Raise your hand if you knew that Syracuse’s nickname was officially “Orange”, not “Orangemen?” Turns out they made the change in 2004 for the purpose or team unity, uniform consistency and marketing. Who knew?

Let the Madness Begin!

“Welcome to BW3…” I expect to hear those words in the very near future. Yes, of course I’m hungry for wings, but it’s also time for our annual pilgrimage to BW3 to watch college basketball’s Final Four.

Do I love college basketball? This time of year everyone does. I fill out my brackets pretending to know who should be beating who, but in the end it’s really just about spending the afternoon with friends, watching some hoops and having a little fun.

Thad Jackson, Dan Foster, Chad Klein, Chris Daggett, Mark Peirce, Mike Peterson, Dax Bakken, etc… the list goes on. We arrive at BW3 early  to secure a good table and making certain to have extra seats for those that will join us. We order wings, we drink beer and in the end we hope for good games. Does it really matter? Of course not because as I said… it’s about spending the time with friends, your closest friends and just enjoying the day.

Who Do I Like

To be honest it’s difficult not to love Michigan State being in the midwest. Seems like Tom Izzo has his guys playing well this time of year every year. Then again, how do you not like Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia, Villanova or Oregon? What about those 2nd tier teams like Duke, Oklahoma, Xavier, Miami or Kentucky? Hardly 2nd tier teams… just lower in the current rankings.

I don’t have an answer yet, but me and my team of researchers will be working hard on my bracket over the next day or so and we’ll see where things go.

Picking the perfect bracket

I knew the odds of picking the perfect bracket were long, but wow…

According to Duke math professor Jonathan Mattingly, the average college basketball fan has a far better chance of achieving bracket perfection. Taking into account the fact that a 16 seed has never beaten a one-seed (meaning your bracket should have four guaranteed wins) and adjusting probability based on seeding, the odds of picking all 32 games correctly is actually one in 2.4 trillion.

The most hated man in college hoops

Still a little chapped about Wisconsin blowing the 2nd half lead last year in the Championship game vs Duke? Have you seen the Grayson Allen Be Trippin’ video? This will probably make you feel a little bit better.

Good luck!