3 years today Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a half Men

And “winning” was born.

So big deal, “winning” is suddenly on t-shirts and people are saying it, right? Well, I would say “not so fast” there Mr. or Mrs. Cynic.

To me, it’s something I say when I’m happy. Something I say when I truly feel like deep down inside I’m winning. I’m not saying it to spite my bosses at CBS (I actually don’t work there), I’m not saying to spite those I’ve vanquished… nope. For me “winning” means I’m happy. At the deepest level a case could be made that I’m saying something to my “ex” that I took everything that was dished out and I’m still alive, I’ve bounced back and life is good.

I don’t view Charlie Sheen as a role model, a mentor or even someone that I’d like to hang around. Actually, I’ll take that one back. I would like to hang with him for a day and see what kind of sick sh*t he does when the media isn’t around. I have a feeling ┬áthe complete train wreck takes a lower profile and there is a little more normal shining through.

Take it for whatever it’s worth, but in my mind Charlie Sheen is doing things his way and in a small way, he’s winning.