*** Updated ***

So last week I was at a meeting offsite and in the elevator afterward I asked a guy “how many people tell you that you look like Tobey Maguire?” I honestly don’t remember what he said, but I think it wasn’t many at all, if any. Crazy, but he looked EXACTLY like him. I have no idea if everyone has the ability to things the way I do, but it’s one of my almost “super powers.” Probably more of an “above average” power.

Are you happy about this?

So, name the celebrity who reminds you the most of yourself. Or more importantly, share who your friends so you look like. That is actually probably more telling.

My friends are really something special. I used to hear that I looked like Howie Mandel (pre shaved head) or Gabe Kaplan as I had a pretty good fro going on. Now, it’s Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Nice as I talk about birds all the time. And I’m illiterate. Not really seeing the connection here. I’m really not seeing it.

Danny DeVitoOn the flip-side, I also have friends who believe they look like stars, but really don’t. I mean one of my closest friends thinks she (yes, “she”) looks like Danny DeVito. I’ll give her the height thing, but she’s not the right age, not as funny, luckily for her, has better hair and, oh yeah, SHE’S NOT A DUDE!

I have other friends too who believe they look like Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg), Bobby Caspserson… how come I can’t think of any others? Figures, the minute I start writing my story goes to hell.

Oh well, think about it and let me know which pretend celebrities are in your group of friends.