About Us

Who We Are and Why We Do It

The first part, the “2shots1beer” concept came from a close personal friend, Dax Bakken. Dax thought it would be fun to begin producing a podcast. Subject matter would be the issues of the day or anything that seems to fit the 2S1B format. There was one small twist Dax thought we needed to add to the mix… to “loosen up” the content creators (Dax, myself and any guests) we’d be downing a couple of shots and then sucking down a beer while we “work”.

Part two of this is actually work related. Having a desire to learn more about using the WordPress CMS I figured the best way to learn is to “just do it.” My way of “just doing it” is not to read a book about the system… it’s to actually build a site. So, building a site is how 2shots1beer.com came to be. The site you see today is the culmination of a couple of years of WordPress site development. Several different sites, responsive design, lots of experimentation and finally something that looks good and really performs. Still a work in progress, but what good site isn’t looking to improve?

So beyond the parts about Dax wanting a podcast and me learning WordPress, there is still the issue that both of us wanted to have a platform to discuss any relevant issue. Some people use social media for this purpose and from an “audience reach” perspective it works really well. On the flipside, the presentation leaves a little to be desired. Others just don’t want to express their opinions in the Facebook forum which can be a mix of family, friends, co-workers, etc. So, what you can’t express someplace else you bring to 2shots1beer.com.

Getting Started

Maybe you have an idea for something you like to post. Or maybe comment on something you’ve read? Regardless, the first step is contact the 2S1B Team. You can complete the contact form on our “Contact Us” page or send a message to info@2shots1beer.com and we’ll take care of your account setup.

Joining Team 2S1B

Why should you join the Team 2S1B?

For the money of course! Unfortunately, rider or writer, there really isn’t going to be a paycheck in your future. Fun to pretend though right? Why not do it for the fun? For the love of it? Or just to write and rant. Game on!