So as the post title implies I had a very good week of biking. Nothing out of the ordinary, but biked to work and back every day covering 71.8 miles and 5.5 hours in the saddle.

What Made it “Very Good”

During a normal week life gets in the way at times. Many, actually, most, weeks I ride to work and back 4 days. Somehow, some way something seems to come up and I don’t get that 5th ride. Truth be told… sometimes I’m just tired. But this week I toughed it out. I had to take my truck in for service so I rode one day from the service garage. I had to drop the truck off for Arianna so on another day I rode from Monona Grove High School. Aside from the wind those rides are actually no different than riding from home, except they can trip me up. Not this week.

photo of Empty Bike Racks

Empty Bike Racks

Tough Week Weather-Wise

The wind was brutal this week. The day I had my truck in for service it took me 37 minutes to ride in. The ride back was a little quicker with the wind at my back… 11 minutes quicker. It took me slightly over 26 minutes to ride back out.

I think the cooler temps took it’s toll on other riders. To the right is a picture of the bike rack this morning at work. Yes, it is a Friday, but a week ago when the weather was a little warmer both racks were full.

Don’t get me wrong… I enjoy the warmer temps as much, if not more, than the next guy as I rode through a lot of cold weather. I’m tired of numb fingers and toes and would love to have the sun beat down on me, make me sweat while I ride. I’m sure I’ll get my wish soon enough, but for now I’ll just dress a little warmer than I’d like and dream of the nice sunny days with a very light rain to keep me cool.