The Custom of Sending Greeting Cards

Social protocol dictates that around the holidays or on birthdays you send greeting cards. You can even go the extra mile and send a thank you note after you receive a gift from someone. No issues there… simple, polite and even with the format of the card is flexible.

Some people make a call and shoot the breeze with. It’s a time to catch up. Others are a little more judicious with their time and choose to send a text. And the old schoolers? They actually send a card or note using the good old USPS.

Yes, the good old United States Postal Service. I’m a person that isn’t much on sending cards, but love to send actual thank you notes. It’s the way my Mom and Dad raised me and a habit I’ve passed down to Derek and Arianna. I pickup note cards at Walgreen’s (thank you Hallmark), write something nice, address them and send them. Simple, easy and people seem to really enjoy the part about getting something in the mail.

Well, I was pretty happy about my process. Bordering on proud of myself. Until I received a card from Derek and his wife, Indira. They have taken their card/note game to the next level.

Hallmark? I don’t think so

Step 1 was to create their own greeting card. I did this one year by using a nice photo of Arianna and I overlaid with writing “thank you” in multiple languages. Again, almost proud of myself.

Derek and Indi created their shot as well… only better. Memorable, meaningful… nice. They’ve got costumes that are relevant socially, politically and indicate a point in time. They’re on location and the Children’s Museum was a good choice for the set. A job well done.

Moving forward

What else can I do? I have to improve. I have innovate. I have to devise a plan and do them one better. Stay tuned…