Friday commute home turns intense

You just never know when things are going to get crazy on the path and Friday was one of those times. I’m riding home from work and get to the intersection of Regent and Monroe Streets. This is an intersection where I generally take my time crossing because there are a lot of cars, bikes and pedestrians. So I’m sitting at the light and some tool decides he’s going to pass me while I’m sitting there. Jerk.

When it’s time to go I fire off the line into the lead. Tool boy is right on my ass. It’s dark and I can see myself in the shadow of his headlight. I’m clipping along at a pretty good pace since I don’t want this guy passing me. Actually, “a pretty good pace” is probably not accurate… I’m hauling ass! I’m breathing heavy, but keeping tool boy from passing me.

After about a mile of sprinting I start to open up a lead as I’m really huffing and puffing and of course getting tired. I love my Surly 1 by 1, but for this type of ride a single speed bike is NOT key. Factor in my 2.25 width tires and this bike is not doing me any favors. That said… I’m winning!

After about 1.5 miles realize that if this continues much longer I won’t be winning. My muscles are burning and I’m really out of breath. I realize that I’m getting close to Glenview Avenue and beyond Glenview is Odana Road, my stop. If I can just hold this guy off for another minute I’m home free.

I cross Glendale without slowing down and keep pumping. Odana Road is in my sights and I just have to keep pumping. Did I mention that my legs, lungs and heart are on fire? No? They are.

Finally, I’m about to reach Odana Road. I turn slightly to try to see the guy behind me and yell “F*ck you!” I’m giving the guy the finger and screaming at the top of my burning lungs. I’ve just defeated “Tool Boy” and I feel great.

As I coast down the hill to our driveway I’m starting to catch my breath. I turn in the driveway and just sit for a minute before I open the garage door and put my bike away. My body is still burning, I’m pouring sweat and I feel like I’m going to pass out. I gave it my all for about 5 minutes, but I held off another rider. Technically speaking no sucka was taken down. That’s okay by me as I was not taken down either… sucka.