photo of Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless Phone Charger

Marketing gimmick with limited value

Recently, you’ve probably seen Samsung commercials where they tout wireless charging as a standard feature with their handsets, but something you pay extra for with an iPhone. I’m not what I would call a “power user” of my phone so charging isn’t a big deal to me. I plug my phone in at night and use it the next day… all good. If I happen to miss charging for a day it’s not a problem.¬†Obviously others feel differently.

Where is the value?

So the commercial shows someone setting their phone down on a “powermat” and away they go. They’re getting their phone juiced without having to plug in a cable. Seems awesome, right? Not really. While you don’t have actually plug in your phone, you do have to have the powermat plugged in and you do have to set your phone on the powermat. Yes, you’re saving a fraction of a second, but not plugging in the phone, but you do have to pay extra for the powermat. Are you really winning?

In the future

In the future the charging capabilities will change. Instead of actually having to set your phone on a mat your work desk will have a charger built-in. The expectation will be that you set your phone down and it charges.

Eventually we’ll have inductive charging where the phone will charge just being on the “charging network.” You’ll sign-on like you to do WiFi and let the charging begin!

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Wireless charging can, and will be, awesome. We’re just not there yet and Samsung’s ad, while very well done, is just misleading you at this point. Give things a couple of years and I’ll have lots of people reminding me I wrote this. Again, it’s a great technology, but its not ready for prime time yet and honestly we may skip it (and go to inductive charging) all together.

Yes, that’s how I see the world and that is the gospel according to Dane.