Self-Aiming Rifle can hit moving target at 1200 yards

This is crazy. Definitely a cool thing, but they’re showing it for deer hunting. Is it really “hunting” if you’re using a computer guided weapon to kill and animal?

Interesting info from the article:

  • The tracking system includes a computer, laser rangefinder, camera, and color display in a sighting scope mounted on top.
  • You track your quarry on the display (pictured) and push a button near the trigger to lock a red laser dot on the target.
  • After you choose a target, the weapon decides when best to shoot — compensating for things like wind speed, arm shake, recoil, temperature, humidity, and curvature of the earth.
  • An algorithm uses image-processing to keep the laser dot on the target as it moves.
  • The algorithm increases pressure required to pull the trigger, reducing it when the blue crosshairs are right over the red dot – that’s when a bullet is fired.
  • There’s also Wi-Fi to stream imagery to an iPad (included), so shooters can share what they’re seeing on Facebook or YouTube.

view through scope of self-aiming rifle
Sharing what you’re seeing and shooting at would be really cool to share on Facebook or YouTube, but not many Wi-Fi networks in the field. Then again, why worry? I don’t have $25K to blow on something like this anyway.