Prepare for more power

So Team 2S1B  has a new rider who is now joining the ranks of the riders who use clipless pedals. May not seem like a huge step to the man on the street, but for her opponents it means trouble!

We installed the SPD cleats on her new shoes, set-up the trainer and clipped in for the first time last night. A few minutes of getting a feel for things and it was time to go out the door and feel the power on the street.

Clipless Pedals: Pros and Cons

Riding with your feet clipped in has it’s good point and it’s bad.


  • More Power!
  • No pedal slippages


  • Cost
  • No issues with removing your feet

Shimano SPD pedals
In my mind the pros far outweigh the cons. I estimate that having clipless pedals and learning to use them properly will provide a 15-20% increase in power. Yes, there is a learning curve and the muscles have to get used to the changes, but when it’s windy and you laugh at Mother Nature you’ll know it was worth it.